"Our skin is the largest organ we have".

We understand that the needs of your skin can change with time, weather, emotional and physical state. Hence, we have categorized our facial treatments to help you choose the right one for you.
Whether you are looking to improve hydration, target acne, revitalize your skin or simply get a quick fix of radiance, our highly qualified estheticians will be able to suggest the right treatment for you.
At EMG we have our unique method of work, in which we combine the personalization of the treatments in the cabin with product advice to use for your beauty-routine at home.
All services are performed in luxurious air-conditioned beds, using warm facial towels. All material is sanitized and of unique use for the patient.
All EMG skin care products are clinically tested in laboratories in order to obtain maximum efficiency and safety. Furthermore, all equipment used belongs to the latest generation.
We always adapt our cabin treatments according to the state of your skin. We even take into consideration your emotional state at the precise moment, in order to give the most of us to your comfort and your needs.