Who we are

More than 50 years ago, Marta Ventura began the path of beauty and aesthetics in Girona. During this period, she established herself in five different beauty centers until reaching the current one, now run by the second generation: Eva Puig-Ventura.

The founder’s trajectory, as well as her personal and professional background, have been the seed that has made Estética Marta grow and consolidate itself as a center of beauty and image of reference in Catalonia. For many years, Estética Marta’s letter of presentation has been centered around one motto: it is only through honesty and sincerity, as people and as professionals, that you can consolidate customer confidence and ensure satisfaction, day after day, year after year.

We focus on our services meeting the expectations of beauty and aesthetic for which the treatment has been created, while providing a plus that makes any beauty session a time to relax and disconnect. It is of our interest and importance that our clients can take a break from their everyday routine and enjoy a treatment of inner and outer beauty, while devoting maximum attention to themselves.

Our well-being is based on two pillars: external well-being, body and physical, and internal well-being, the emotions. At Estética Marta we always emphasize on combining both pillars, and adding a third one: health. Thus, through the inner and outer cure of our body, we reach emotional well-being and, consequently, harmony.

A walk through history