We also offer you


We also offer you


                   "Makeup is art, beauty is hope"


EMG loves to be part of important days of your life, whether it is a wedding, an event or simply a day that you want to look different.

That is why we offer personalized make-up service, either at our center or on the go, wherever you need it.

We use the best brands on the market in order to provide maximum durability and comfort.

We also offer group or individual make-up courses, in order to get the most out of all those products you have at home and don't know how to use, or simply have a good time.



Bridal make-up : 170€ (travel cost included)

Guest make-up: 65€ (travel cost included)

Flash make-up at our center: 40€

Automatic make-up courses: individual courses or in group (Price to consult)


*by Paula Pujolràs


We also offer you